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    Need help with community challenge trial of the gods ac origins'

    Hey guys. i need help getting the community challenge: trials of the gods. Idk how many of us are trying to complete this but its not enough. we always make it to 7k and the goal is 10k. Please guys help us out. i know this game is fairly old but just asking for help just for this week for those who are near completing everything and struggle to get this challenge done. I can assume that its less than a 100 of us playing this game at the moment. how about it fellow Assassins?

    i believe it doesnt matter what platform youre on but just in case, im on XB1, gamertag: BigWundaThunda. Add and/or msg me if you like.
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    Hey there BigWundaThunda,

    I wish you the best of luck in this quest! It might also be a good idea to check out and share on the Assassin's Creed Discord or Assassin's Creed Reddit as well!
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