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    Err 400


    Well i have a problem, i created a map and every time, when i want to test it online, i have an err 400, what's wrong ?


    Bon, j'ai un problème, à chaque fois que je veux tester une map que j'ai créé j'ai une err 400, c'est quoi le soucis ?

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    Could you explain how you test out your map online?


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    Also seeing this error when submitting a 4.3mb map to map review. I think the limit was raised to 6mb maps yesterday but I suppose maybe the review servers aren't up to date yet?

    edit: should be fixed now for maps up to 6mb at least!

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    Hey guys!

    Thanks for the update htimh and keeping everyone in the loop!

    Following this update, are you still receiving the error?

    Checking in with you too panzerVIItiger2!