It seems to me a big portion of the people want RS2022 to be a newer version of RS2014 with more mini games and more session modes.

So maybe Ubisoft should come out with that.

RS+ is obviously the limitless DLC catalog.

There's no reason a RS2022 couldnt have a RS+ login/subscription built in.

Maybe the answer is come out with a specific underrepresented genre...

like "Rocksmith: chuggers ball" That would be ONLY metal.
You couldnt play your Monkees or ABBA RS2014 DLC on it.
That would allow the DLC in the sony/xbox stores to reset to 0 -- versus the 1535 songs and their licensing nightmares.
Maybe have training videos in different languages like English, Spanish, German, Scandanavian by some youtube stars -- but can it chug?

Maybe have an internet Radio feature thats hooked up to some European hardcore metal stations.

One of the options in RS:CB is to sign up to RS+ and get access to those songs.
If you dont like a couple DLCs a month, then sign up for RS+.

Brain storming here.