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    Zai-TM's Avatar Junior Member
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    Jul 2020
    This is where I live.

    game is unplayable because small 2x3 signs don't display ads

    I mean, the title sums it up basically

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    Ubi-TheBerry's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Jun 2020
    Originally Posted by Zai-TM Go to original post
    I mean, the title sums it up basically

    Hey Zai-TM,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

    Thank you for the image and reporting this to us.

    I've passed this onto the game's team for them to take a closer look into.

    We'll let you know should we receive any updates.

    If there's anything else we can help with or should you notice other sign types affected, please let us know!

    Thank you!