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    I have a question for far cry 5. I want to ask you if there really is bigfoot in campaign? i just want to know IF there really is... I personaly believe there is a some secret way to find him. I have completed this game 6 times and i just keep pursuing my friends to buy it and to play it with me. Everytime i play it with someone we find something new and recently we were discussing about finding him. There are so much clues (like map, footprints, posters atp...) that i just think that he is there. I just want you to give me some hope please....

    Thanks for everything

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    Hi Klary_net
    As with all cryptids, I would be unable to confirm or deny Bigfoot's existence. I've not seen Bigfoot myself, but that doesn't mean they're not there. A friend of a friend claims to have seen him, but any evidence he could provide was pretty sketchy at best.
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