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    Dragonforce on RS+

    I don't know if this is the best place to ask this, but I can't find anywhere else to do it. Can we please get some more Dragonforce songs on Rocksmith Plus when it comes out? Even in Rocksmith 2014. DF is such a good band but Ubi only added 2 of their songs and no other. We just have Highway to Oblivion and Through the Fire and Flames, but they have so many bangers I believe people would like to learn how to play. Operation Ground and Pound, Fury of the Storm, Tomorrow's Kings and Judgement Day are just a few of them. So, can we expect to get anything like that on Rocksmith 2014 on even Rocksmith Plus?

    Edit.: Sorry for any typos, english is not my prime language.
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    You can assume that all artists that have 1 song with have more in the new game, since licensing communications are already established.

    Now is the song hand transcribed by a Dragonforce expert or auto-transcribed from some midi file elevator music style? No idea.
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