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    16- 23 UTC - Ghost Recon Wildlands, No Hud, Ghost Mode.

    I am starting this thread here again. Our Tactical Operations Center is here: https://discord.gg/xvMVur8tpB
    If you can't be active now, but in some weeks, or months do not worry, do not hesitate to join, it's so hard to find this kind of friends, and strengthen bonding by playing together.
    So if you like many have not much time to dedicate but still have interest to share high quality immersive and milsim experience, do not think twice about it.

    NHT (No HUD Team) in Ghost Recon Wildlands Kingslayer operation is TF46DR
    (Task Force 46 Detachment Red)
    : PC
    Game: Ghost Recon Wildlands
    : 4(+)

    Rules: (please check legend below)
    A) This is a team-play based, tactical full immersion co-op;
    B) Operations have *milsim* approach;
    C) We follow a military, SF team, decision making process;
    1) Ghost Mode, Tier mode or anything below;
    2) No HUD, (must follow a few guidelines);
    3) Skill tree is NOT overpowered (details in channel above);
    4)When downed no ghosting, remain silent;
    5) Customize your US SF loadouts consistent w/story and as a team;
    6) Roles are fluid. We use assaulter, sniper, spotter, gunner in multiple combinations however our approach is not strict, and militarized, it's based on our taste and we will adapt to maximize fun;
    7) Extract, insert at/from safe houses. NO fast traveling;
    8) No "Loot n' shoot", "let's fkn go", "I need more xp", nor functional "let's win however it can be done" shortcuts;
    9) Tactical communication is at the core of experience, language plays a big part;
    10) Player focus is ON for the entire mission;
    11) Missions have a lead and second in charge;
    12) Reconnaissance is part of individual effort (w/AI or not)or team missions.
    13) We execute also some custom designed mission;
    14) We do a Briefing and AAR (5' each MAX);
    15) No Spoilers;
    16) Dismantle the Cartel operations with a logical sense: Security, Smuggling, Influence, Production

    b - as most missions are covert, rarely overt, mainly at night, when possible stealthy or clandestine
    c - we receive mission, analyze, develop a COA (course of action) as we gather intel, recon, approve and then share COA (briefing 5'), execute it, debrief.
    2 - toggle ON HUD is extremely exceptional and limited to minimalism for sake of simulation
    3 - no "super hero"
    7 - it allows team alchemy, efficiency, the simulation/immersion and fun. We strive to be tactical to the bone
    9 - only during them, no hierarchy stuff in a SF team.
    10 - mike-Sierra procedure will begin
    12 - recon and Intel have dedicated channels also when Recon is live:
    13 - using tactics and approaches that enhance the story. Like ID seize and destroy ops, or some dustoffs.
    15 - even if we know already the game, be respectful of the narrative and of other players - more of this in; Bowman radio calls and in game long voiceovers will sometimes not be heard from all players: so just signal that you are listening to something by saying "incoming comms", so making clear taht you are on the listen of some important cables or intel...)
    16 - Curb their forces development, reduce all their smuggling activities, deny their comms and propaganda, and shut down production.

    ------------------------------------- end legend (of rules)

    Who we are:

    NHT aims to form and maintain a tactically-strong small company of friends, to share the most immersive, team focused co-op quality experiences together. We carefully select our members since sharing a common mindset remains crucial to achieve immersion, realism and especially tactical gameplay; former and new group players, as gaming scene evolves, need to be capable to put in practice, inspire and improve the methods adopted and adapted to the games we join.
    Simulation is at the core of NHT PvE & PvP in and out of the game.
    The community stress the attention on sharing a few standards and methods as verbal and non-verbal communication.

    United by the passion for team-play, milsim, strategy & tactics as well as emergent gameplay, systematically looking for a "wild ride of max immersion"
    we blur the borders of illusion, also adjusting the game with specific settings, as playing without HUD or else, in order to achieve realism, depending on the context our avatars will join.

    The community members experienced and play today a large array of games, not only FPS. At the moment we are focusing on Ghost Recon Wildlands - Ghost mode story (in No HUD) - with the mission of dismantling the cartel (2019-2022), If you decide to join the group, you can discover more of our team 'deployments' and interests, unless classified or share your intel with us.

    Join our TOC @ https://discord.gg/aVuBMYT

    The languages spoken by the members so far: English/American, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Malay, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.

    Thanks your for your time

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    This project is still on, so I gotta place this UP auto-reply.
    If you got any question, write us.

    If you don't wanna get in touch with us directly via discord, we also have opened this group named "HUD zero" if you want to link with us via Steam first:
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