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    Reworked Hitokiri

    So. How do I beat the updated hitokiri? I am struggling heavily with this rework and I do not believe it is a lack of understanding on my part. Hitokiri has a dodge heavy that allows Hito to go into his kick mixup. the kick and sweep all lead to a heavy as well as feint to gb. If i dodge attack the hito the attack is just taken by the hitos hyperarmor heavy followup. If I just wait and attempt to parry I am just giving into the mixup of the hitokiri. I feel like I haveto constantly just feint and attempt to parry the dodge attack to beat a hitokiri. And even that does not seem to help me at all. I understand that a bash will work against the kick. Bashing the hito does work but not every hero has that. I feel like one of the bashes should give a guaranteed heavy and the other should be a light. I feel like this is a consistency with most heroes and it is how it should be. Every charged bash gets a light at early timings and a heavy at late timings and having that difference allows for more mind games. With hitos current state a hitokiri has no incentive to choose one over the other as all the options get the same amount of damage and allow his chain to continue. I feel like I am always playing a guessing game rather than actually thinking about what the most viable choice is. Maybe there is something I am missing or maybe there is something I can learn to help me fight against hito. Also I really believe that dodge heavies should be a thing of the past. The game has too much dodge attacking and not enough risk involved with doing so. I constantly need to stop attacking to wait for a dodge attack because if I get hit by enough of them I die, But if I parry every single one and get my guaranteed light its not enough to kill him in the same amount of dodge attacks that he would have hit against me. In other words. He can get away with dodge attacking because the punishment for doing it a lot is not strong enough unless I have a deflect, crushing counter, etc.
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    Hito gets 24 damage in after a guardbreak, 22 after either kick or sweep. The guardbreak and the kick give him an execution. Avarage damage: (24+22+22):3=22,66 Walls make no difference.

    Warden: (24+15+27):3=22 Walls make it 27, 15, 27 for 22,33
    Warmonger: Same as Warden
    Centurion: (27+12+30):3=23 Walls make it 30, 12, 30, for 24

    Warden and Warmonger get the easier access to the bash, they can do it from dodge or some directional attacks (any attacks vs superior lights, respectively). Centurion gets the most damage for his one, with one of the options being very low damage, and the other two being the high one. He can access his with a 500ms bash (a bad one though), and directional attacks. Hitokiri can access the bash mixup directional attacks only, though not that hard with variable heavies, and her damage output is consistent, there is the same reward for all options, not one that is massively better than the others. So, you have to deal with her exactly like you would deal with the other 3. If she just spams hyperarmor attacks, deal with her like you would with zerk.

    The dodge heavy is 16 damage, and grants a heavy parry, but a heavy feint into light beats it as well, it does not have the stupid iframes some others receive for their dodge attacks. Safe for a few heroes, you get quite good punish for baiting it out, and those heroes are weak. I am not a fan of dodge attacks being so safe either though, back in the day, you either got a light parry or a dodge into gb for any of them.
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    Hito is one of those that once everyone gets used to his new moveset and flow, it won't be a problem.
    Hito has good mix ups, it causes a lot of pressure. It's good now. Even the new side dash I think is easy to parry, players just aren't used to it yet. But it will be soon.

    Playing with Jorm, I've also been having difficulty, but the defect is mine, Jorm forces me to always be close to the enemy due to the problem of T-Rex arms, and this entails risks against some characters, especially PK, Shaman and heroes with good mix ups.
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    Jörm is the weakest duelist in the game, and according to Barak, Hito topped Conqueror, so I am not surprised there are struggles to win there. Hito is an S tier duelist (until a Shugoki enters the game, he can completely shut down everything you do by side dodge headbutting your bash, and I think there is literally no counter to that).
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    I think where I struggle is that warden warmonger and cent have charged bashes that grant different amounts of damage for each bash, so if I am facing a greedy opponent who just wants to keep me pressured they usually just do the quick one to keep going fast whereas if I am fighting a patient person then they may go for the full charge to confuse me. The point I am trying to make is that the player needs to decide if they wanna go for the higher damage one or not. Wardens, warmongers and cents usually do the quick bash into lights to continue with their offense more than they choose to go for the full charge. But with hitokiri she has no reason to make a decision because all of her bash options lead to a heavy. Thats why I struggle with her mixup. I am having a very hard time predicting it because the different aspects of the mixup do not have a pro and con like the other 3. Also regarding the dodge attack. I fully agree with the fact that the dodge attack is easy to parry. The issue I am having is that if a Hito is constantly dodge attacking me I am unable to continue my offense. I repeatedly need to heavy feint, parry the dodge attack, get my guaranteed light (depending on my hero I might crushing counter, deflect etc.). I need to just keep feinting to neutral and the Hito does not get punished for doing the same thing again and again. I think that if a dodge attack at least has some gb vulnerability then I would be ok because I could get a gb and get some heavies. But repeatedly getting just a heavy parry is so frustrating. I think the dodge attack should be a light or something. I feel like I am not supposto ever attack if I am facing heroes with a dodge heavy. Also I am an orochi main so I feel like my kit is very limited in how I can deal with Hito. I truly believe that a mixup should have different damage values or different properties so that the one doing the mixup needs to make the choice rather than a mixup leading to the same outcome and the player just picks an option depending on their mood.
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