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    some suggestions for the new rocksmith +.

    Hello, community. I'd like to make some suggestions for the new rocksmith +.

    First of all, I apologize for the bad google translation. I hope you can understand me.

    What I would like to improve on rocksmith 2014:

    1.Fast start: Something I don't like about Rocksmith 2014 is that it is very slow to start the games. Hope in the next games it will be faster as the keyboard response with the menus.

    2.Equalize volumes of song previews: It bothers me to have to turn up the volume to be able to hear the song I want to play, and when I play it, to have to turn it down. I don't see any logic.

    3. Raise the volume of the guitar: Lower the volume of the song does not solve this problem. I have tinnitus from rocksmith. I started using headphones so that I could better hear my guitar and due to the volume changes of the songs as well as the different tones within the song, I damaged my ears.

    Since backing tracks are not possible (although it would be my wish), could you let the users modify the volumes of the songs and tones within them, and save them so that rocksmith remembers our preferences?

    Being able to use a program like mp3gain would be amazing!

    4.Aracade games: Arcade games would be very useful if they didn't have that countdown that makes me so nervous. One thing I have come to realize is that if you don't memorize the position of the frets, you can't move forward. The game of ducks would be very useful if it did not have the countdown and the change of strings when hitting the duck in the background. Also, why is there a time limit? If I want to practice, why can't I practice as long as I want and at the end I put a summary like in the riff reaper, right?

    5.Realtone cable: Hope they don't remove it. It is true that I have had latency problems in laptops but I prefer it to having to spend 200E on an interface that will give me configuration problems and that may not work. The computer input line is not an option, it makes sense.

    6.Mark the hand position better:
    When there are very fast guitar solos, I find that the lanes are mixed making it impossible to know where to place the hand (index finger). My brain collapses when this happens. it would be good to differentiate them better or make the next lane a stronger color.

    rocksmith +
    The truth is that I have seen very little, but here is my opinion.

    1.Graphically: Horrible. That pale color has suddenly made me nearsighted. It's so pale that I can't even tell if it's a slide, a hamer, or a tab. The white lines on the floor, I don't know if it's marking time or it's a streak, that if I can distinguish it, of course, because I don't even see it.

    2. Chords: I have noticed that the chords come out under the song. and I say, why do I want them to appear below, if I am already seeing them on the screen? I do not get it.

    3. Song Creator: Why would I want to modify a song that has already been made? It would be fine if I could create my own songs even if it is privately and for personal use, otherwise I find no use.

    4.Camera: Mudvayne's song is too fast for my eyes. Is there any possibility to change the speed of the camera and adapt it to the visual capacity of each person?

    And that's it. Thank you very much for the effort and I hope that my opinion is at least heard.
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    Regarding #3: By default the instrument volume is louder than before.

    Regarding #5:RealTone cable is still supported as well as interfaces and using your phone as a microphone.

    Song creator: It allows you to create transcriptions for songs that don’t have detailed transcriptions. You could also create a different one for a song that does have a transcription already but that would be less likely. Maybe you wanted to chart the vocal melody or synth part for example.
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    I forgot...
    Riff repeater: To be able to select the park that I want to study it and that the previous notes do not appear in gray.

    Please don't do it like rocksmith 1, which wouldn't advance if you don't play the correct note. It was horrible. I prefer the riff repeater from 2014.

    By the way, how do you modify a post?
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    Regarding #3: By default the instrument volume is louder than before.

    I hope so
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    Riff repeater is similar to RS2014. They did add an optional mode where it waits until you play the correct note. I hated that in RS1 but it works better in RS+

    To modify your post hit the little plus sign in the lower right corner of your post.
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    Boy was i surprised when i played Queens Love of My Life on youtube.
    I think i heard 2 bass notes total.

    That song sounds so great in rocksmith2014 with a blaring bass.
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    don't bother posting your requests....they clearly have not listened to 5 years of our suggestions.......may more to fund their bitcoin buying sprees
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