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    still waiting

    I signed up for the Space Monkey Program day one when they said it was a thing. since that time i have gotten a single update....

    their last news for this game is a year old and the last time it was shown was 4 years ago.

    its been what 18 years and counting since the last game...and i was super excited about this game. but its becoming harder and harder to care unless i start hearing more about what's going on. Ubisofts 2021 E3 felt like a giant joke and there was hardly information in it.

    in short....seriously give us something to drive more excitement, a playable alpha, or beta....something
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    Yes we have waited a long time, I was here when the original was released back in 2003 and when we saw the footage in 2008 during the Ubidays event our hopes were lifted, and although nothing was officially announced until 9 years later, I am hopeful that this time we will see a finished game, but I don't think it will be for a while

    The latest word (rumours) is that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still in the early stages of development, and with Michel Ancel's recent departure from Ubisoft that might have delayed the development even further so I wouldn't expect them to have anything playable to share aside from what they showed us during the Space Monkey streams.

    But as they are rumors nothing is official until Ubisoft provide a statement.

    So we will continue waiting as we have done all these years.
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