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    DEVS ASK SPACE MONKEYS #4: Space Pirate Character Customization

    The Beyond Good and Evil 2 character team has been hard at work creating concepts and researching the different ways players will be able to customize their character. The concept art shown here is but one example of the myriad possibilities available to make your Space Pirate in your own preferred style.

    Read full article here.

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    - The option of designing our own:

    - Clothes;
    - Footwear;
    - Armor and accessories;
    - Hair styles;
    - Different types of scars and/or other markings.
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    I would like to see different haircuts, facial hairs, layerable clothing an armor pieces for every body part, tattoos, scars and protheticals are good too. Clothing and armor styles may be inspired from traditional to futuristic, from samurai to cybernetic pirate. I hope so much that every player has their own unique character.
    And i also hope that we can play it offline if we want.
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    I would love to be able to:

    Change my clothes and or outfits. This is a pretty tall order, but it would be cool if we could have outfits from other Ubisoft games. Ghost Recon Wildlands has a costume that is inspired by Assassin's Creed.
    Far Cry 5 had a white space monkey T-shirt, that I loved wearing when playing. Something similar in Beyond Good and Evil 2 would be cool. It should also be noted that outfits, or pants/shirts/hats/neckwear/piercings should not effect character stats and should be purely cosmetic, and separate.

    I would like to have access to tattoos, and since BGE2 has heavy Indian and Chinese influences, Hindu or Chinese tattoos would be really cool.

    Scars and burns would be really cool, possibly something like burnt melted skin.

    If I can make my hybrid look like the shark in the concept art, I would be completely happy.
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    This is looks already pretty cool. What is the most important thing to me is definitly the outfit (and Helmer/Head customization). Why ? Because during the majority of the time, when we play a third person view game, we see him him/her from behind (and it is the part of customization that is the most visible). I simply want to emphazise that aspect because sometimes there are amazing outfits but they are not so good from behind (the best example that I have in mind right know are the armors from Monster Hunter World)
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    Also, it would be great to have an option to change the color of the outfit (especially if there are different pieces (e.g. One for the body and one for the arms) in order to combine them smoothly (it can be really frustrating to de your outfit with different shade of blue that don t looks good together))
    I don t know If you ll took that path or go with thé 'complete' outfit. In both cases and If we can change the color of the outfit, having a changing room with several different kind of lights could be really great (in order to see what it looks like in a cave vs on the street vs in Space vs in a spaceship.)
    Thanks for your work guys ! You rock!
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    My Suggestions For Character Customization.

    I am one player that focuses heavily on character based features like the hybrid-ing part, the plastic surgery part ( character creation ) but also the character customizing part. Prosthetic limbs and other augmented body parts & Diwalite-infused body painting and markings were on my wish list and it's now fulfilled but I've also got other suggestions, lights are an attractive point to customization it's just as in our real world, phones, Desktops, LED strips for homes, bags, shoes, the RGB lighting are just beautiful to look at so why not give tattoos a light-up effect or glow-in-dark effect but of course most people would prefer these light included tattoos because they're just cool so it'd be best for these tattoos be only achievable by earning or buying. Next up clothes, i would the clothes to be adaptable, how? a hoodie, why a hoodie for this example, well, the hood can be put up or left down more example are sleeves or trousers that could be rolled up left or right or both, in other games features like a baseball cap and a backward baseball cap are put as 2 different items, so why not BGE 2 better this for the players by making 1 item adaptable to many different styles suited for the liking of the character like a hood up hoodie with trousers worn loosely for a hippy style and with this feature it could be a adaptable to a lot of other different styles. Next is multiple clothing & accessories, I took a try at many character customization games none allows you to wear multiple clothing and some don't allow you to wear multiple accessories like rings, why not allow a character to wear multiple clothing that are compatible? for an example, wearing collared shirt with a sleeved shirt inside, other games put this as 1 clothing and they only come with a few types which limits are creativity towards customizing or for a female character, wearing a dress with jeans, more examples which are accessories including rings or hats or necklaces, i personally sometimes like my character with a bandana with a cap or a cowboy hat with a bandana some people might have more combinations which really just makes this feature more interesting same goes with the necklaces and rings. Small details which really gives the character a huge difference even though they're small changes, a black with white laces and a black boot with black laces makes a huge difference, i play games and create my own character, while at that i meet the color changing part of clothing customization and i always end up not satisfied because the accent of my sneakers are not the color I want, the color of the bezel of the watch I'm wearing is not to my liking, it just makes me unsatisfied that there are parts of a clothing or accessory that won't let me change the color to my liking sometimes while customizing my clothes in a game i wanted to change the color of one of the part of the shirt I'm wearing but once i change the color the whole piece changes, it just ruins the feel i have for customizing. Piercings, you don't see piercings in a lot of games, the only piercing you would see are earrings well, some people like piercings i personally like a few on one side of the ear and one miniature hoop through one of the nostrils or if I'm playing other games, none, players could choose the height of the placement of the piercing on ears of nose and even adjust the rotation of the piercing to better suit the liking to the player. Again, I am one player that focuses heavily on character based features, character customization are a fun part of an open world game, you travel and explore the world while in your choice of style of clothing. If there is a thread about Character Creation i would happily be glad to give more suggestions.
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    What about natural deformations?
    After all, these are mixed species, DNA experiments. Variational fingers, toes, another eye... All of that could happen if you experiment with DNA of two incompatible beings.
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    It would be cool to have the ability to change colors on all clothing/armor/weapons.

    I'd like to see a game that does male long hair properly. It seems every time I play a game with character customization, the long hair options are pretty lame. Often the "long hair" option is shoulder length at best, and when it is actually longer, it moves wrong, looks like a mullet, flamboyant side part, or something weird. (Not that those shouldn't also be options)

    It would also be cool to just have a ton of different ornaments and patches that could be adjusted in size/color and placed in various positions on a character or their outfits/weapons.

    One other weird thought.. What if all the clothing and gear had the option of looking new, old, or battle damaged? Some people might prefer their outfit to look pristine while others want it to look well used, or like they just walked though a fire fight.
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    i feel kinda the same way... but other than that i love everything that was on the list. And prosthetic limbs and other augmented body parts would be different power level or experience level. So that everyone would not be able to use most powerfull abilitys just because they are rich enough to buy these but they have to actualy have to play the game.
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