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    Add Ghost Recon 2 to Xbox Backwards Compatibility

    I remember playing GR2 when I was young but I was too young to get tactical in it and fully enjoy it. I still loved it nonetheless and I would love to get the chance to play it again. I remember this game being similar to the modern Ghost Recons so it would be interesting to see what has remained similar and what has changed.
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    Ubi-Spud's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Oct 2018
    Hey Co1onelAutumn! Welcome to the forums.

    Thanks for your suggestion! I'm sure a lot of players would feel the same, being able to play this on more current generation consoles. I will pass your suggestion along to the team!
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    G.r.a.w 2

    Hey my names Anthony Ive been trying for years to figure out how to get intouch with Ubisoft to go about making a remastered of TOM CLANCEYS GHOST RECON ADVANCE WARFIGHTER 2 I know many players that played on Xbox 360 and been waiting g for it to come out please if anyone can help me find a way or how to go about getting a game remastered itd be greatly appreciated I contacted Ubisoft but they tel me to go here Im not sure what a forum is or if Im doing this right but any help would be great
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    Thanks for your suggestion, anthony1417.

    I will pass your suggestion to the team.
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