I know zhanhu has just been changed in testing grounds at lots of people seem happy with it but for me something still hasnít changed and itís light attacks. I know loads of people will be on here like ďoh there so slow how donít you party themĒ I have no idea how fast they are and no I canít parry lights but I feel as soon as you start beating a lower level zhanhu their only response seems to be be constant lights. Even when blocking a zhanhu is rewarded with an unblock able and if you do get zhanhu with a bit more knowledge any mix up you try is cancelled out by what I believe is a crazy fast zone attack and honestly just seems unbeatable to me there are very little cases of me being able to beat a zhanhu but I seem to run into so many of them whenever I play. I know this just seems like a complaint but it just makes the game so boring to play I know itís not just zhanhu just when your beating someone so they just start dodge spamming or throwing light attacks that are super fast or with the aid of hyper armour as my hard work is destroyed in seconds by someone mashing a single button. Not sure how many people will see this but any tips or tricks you have or just an opinion let me know.