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    First Person only.. Avatar Game?

    Like Many Ubisoft Fans and Customers, there is an element that Ubisoft brings that had us connected and Supportive be it financially or otherwise to Ubisoft.

    But a lot Ubisoft games always seem to have a caveat in some way or another that severs this bond. One example would be when For Honor was a online only game. and the worst disconnects, i have experienced in my personal gaming life.

    Now, I'm aware some people here are always optimistic and in hype mode about a game prior to its release..

    But i would like to address the elephant in the room in a choice for Avatar and that is Its genre, You see when CyberPunk 2077 was announced all the Youtubers were protecting and defending its change to First Person but the General populace were clear that they did not like the first person only aspect and later the dust came out of the real reason it changed to first person.

    Where am i going with this? This is not a FarCry like genre its not a shooter its an Action Adventure game and therefore would be nice to have the choice to switch to third person, at least during action sequences.

    That being said it can work its not like a first person only RPG game with immense Character customizations, added with visual limitations (IE Cyberpunk lol).

    Cyberpunkish they then changed their minds too late in development to a action adventure .
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    I was SO disappointed when I saw it was going to be first person, please give us a third person option….
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    And then they'll say '' Oh no ones buying our games anymore and we aren't generating enough revenue so lets put all the scummy pay models in our game'' as excuse. Then they'll ask
    ''Oh how come my mobile app game Assassins Creed Japan isn't the new Pokémon Go?"
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    It's simple.
    I HATE first person games, totally despise them.
    In other words, as a proud owner of every Splinter Cell game made before the stupid Tom Clancy genre of Rainbow whatever, and every Assassin's Creed game except Valhalla,
    I will NOT purchase Avatar if it is a First Person game only nor Splinter Cell Remake if it becomes a First Person game only.
    Therefore UBISOFT, if you want my $100's, you are going to make your games either Third Person ONLY, or offer the choice in setup between First or Third Person.
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