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    No Ultimate Edition for Physical Copy? (PS5)

    I'm possibly one of those oddballs who likes to collect physics disc versions of games. I'm also probably one of those odd balls who is okay pre ordering the fanciest version of a game without even playing it. With that said, I want what I want lol.

    Why is there no physical option for the Ultimate edition on any platform except digital? Why is the Gold only available in physical form on last gen consoles? Kinda blows my mind that the only option for PS5 physical copy of the game is the base game.
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    Hey BaseballFan456,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    I've looked on our store website and while this is the UK store, it does appear that you can currently pre-order the Ultimate Edition on PS5.
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    Correct I can get digital Ultimate, but I want to be able to purchase a physical ultimate edition
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