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    Ac4 MP (ps4) too many pursuers

    Ever since hitting prestige 5 I can't play deathmatch or wanted.

    Example, today was in last place got 3 kills died over 20, and average about 5 pursuer all match.

    Is this normal?
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    I continued playing, team modes when available but had to FFA a lot.
    I've noticed in a smaller lobby the games are much easier.
    The maps seem much better to navigate rather than seeming to small for a decent game. With 4-6 players I still at times will have most or all pursuers after me at one time regardless of what place I'm in.
    I have never had more than 6 at one time but have had 13 total before falling under a knife. Upon stunning, either immediately or within 5 steps I usually pick up 1 or 2 more pursuer.

    I have asked some other players and they say its normal and get used to it.
    So I keep trying. Instead of the tactics that ive been using, which depending in opponents, would leave me placed between 1st and 5th I've been recklessly having to take whatever kills I can manage while staying on the move and attempting to trap/stun a pursuer or three without my target joining in to help or a pursuer taking advantage if the other 4 or 5 have my attention.
    Those kills are trash, well to me anyway, unlike most who kill me for 50-250 I don't like scoring low, I get mad at myself if all I can manage is 500.
    But now all I can seem to scrape by with are 150 to occasionally when lucky a 700 or 900 hidden poisoning or with the 2X.

    It is partially my fault I think, I find that upon spawning I usually only get stuck with 2 or 3 pursuers like at the beginning of each match.
    Seems for every stun, there is an immediate replacement half the time accompanied by a fellow pursuer.
    If I don't get myself killed in the first minute or if I commit to stunning, the number increases as well as their spawn proximity.

    I use to enjoy seeing my name with whispers for the most time but now, if I don't pick a pursuer and allow them to kill me, for a low score obviously if can help it, then I am creating my own bad score.
    I had a match 7 including me, I got 0 kills, placed 6th, and had 0 deaths, the entire match I spent running, stunning, and pretending I was in a circus trapeze act.

    While that is slightly impressive to me, the main focus is the contracts I had.
    1 yeah just 1 that I had at beginning, until I stunned my 3 original pursuers in a mass smoke/time party.
    My contract was lost, saw that coming after 2 and half minutes, and was then assigned every pursuer again.
    I never received another contract but did receive some bulls-eyes from the other players who in every match since they attend with me, have made a nasty habit of hitting me with knives, smoke, time, flash, and of course a from behind tackle whenever they see me as if using an ability to assist in my death was really more important than escaping their pursuer.
    Which would eventually and often in a short amount of time be me.

    Now while I have had several people work together for whatever reasons in death match either my target with a pursuer or just pursuers attempting to herd me to a desired location, and several people who for their reasons alone have made an effort to remember me as days go by applying themselves to sabotaging me in matches no matter who is currently in the higher brackets,
    I do not hold grudges, I do not choose to bother remembering their names or waste my time and abilities on peeps not assigned to me or in the Lead on score.

    I do remember the names of who either on me or that I watch as they stalk and kill their prey, get the higher scores that I like to get, and or repeatedly make excellent approaches and show quick wit to quickly asses their surroundings when chancing upon their victim while avoiding the pursuers who choose to run after them falling for the best play a target has beyond a stun which of course is making the idiots score a nice little 50-150 score.
    I fell for that a few times, and I do still run down my approach to 250 at times if my pursuers are undoubtedly gonna get me or if I've already secured the hidden and just need those 3 quick steps so I can continue with my evasion of the smarter pursuer who waited for the chasers to chase me their way that has been quick stepping through the crowd as I slowed to grow my approach.

    It is becoming clear why and partially how in the past I've watched the better players who appear always high profile (when seen) but still get in the top 3.

    I knew they had pursuers, but I didn't know it was 5 of them.
    I also didn't know that besides myself, people seem to hesitate and shy away when being assigned those well known players especially if they've already been killed by them in that match.
    I find that strange, and have seen it myself when I see a pursuer who is approaching, nicely or not, slow or stop and look around or turn, second guessing themselves feeling as though they have been spotted or maybe just saw me and are only then deciding to look around and formulating a plan of attack.

    I don't get it. Not the hesitation, or the on the fly what do I do session they decided to interrupt their flow for.
    I like to browse the surroundings of where I'm going and am thinking mmm that'd be a nice quick acro while passing someone who just ran for a 75 point kill who didn't notice the double stacked boxes to their right. Or gee I like the awning that would nicely hide me as I worked my way under hoping to surprise a target focused target of mine for a nice grabber.

    I figure mostly I'm just talking to myself since I've never actually seen any activity to anything in this forum.
    But maybe someone later on may get something out of it.
    Looking for the same answers when they find themselves going through the same.
    Who will probably same as me never receive an answer to the questions asked of their peers and are forced to realize that there are no such things as friends or nice company and that all humans are deceitful selfish and all around deserving of any death you may be able to provide them.

    As they over time settle in and continue to learn through trial and error content in knowing someday it will be your turn. Someday when your ears are filled with heartbeats and your pulse raises ever so slight as you pat yourself on the back knowing you've perfectly lined up the next chump for that 2800 points you poised yourself to get with the nice little 2x you allowed yourself to be caught for, just as your hand reaches for them eventually that'd when the knife slides between your ribs and you curse and rage and relive the old feelings you use to feel when asking the questions everyone ignored of yours.
    Wait for that day future readers, it will come as long as you perceiver.
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