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    Looking for cooperative stealth play! (Voice chat preferred)

    I'm looking for friends to play strategically (though not to the point of a crazy bossy perfectionist). I like stealth and coordinated assassinations. I'm not a fan of the run and gun philosophy and prefer to only resort to that when stealth fails. I also prefer people who can voice chat, if possible. I have a ventrilo server, Skype, etc. Whatever works best for you.

    Feel free to add me if this sounds like your type of playstyle!
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    What time zone are you??
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    Eastern Time Zone in the US, though I can be flexible on playtimes.
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    I'm definitely interested if you want to add me, I'm going to sleep now however! I'm on UK time.

    Also I have made a Unite group. We should find 2 more active stealth players.
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    I am quite interrested, i'm a bit stealth player my self, and i pretty much cleared the game with steal. So if you still need a player, add me or something

    I'm from Denmark btw, so we don't really have the same time zone, but we can figure it out
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    I'd be interested in doing this, I don't really like the 'running in, guns blazing' philosophy either. Add me on uPlay whenever and I'd be okay with using TeamSpeak or Skype, and I'm EST time zone as well, so no time problems here :P
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    i am interested as well
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    If you guys need a player I'm game. I live on the east coast in NJ. I'm looking for some good teammates! Also I have tea speak setup too.
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    Id be interested in doing stealth co-op, and I do have a mic. Anyone can add me on Uplay, just keep in mind I dont have Ventrilo, just TS3 and Skype.
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    I am also interested. I work full time and have school through out the week but i am free usually in the evening (CTZ)
    Let me know if you ever want to do something.
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