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    Personal record deleted [HELP]

    Hi, I would like to report an issue regarding a personal best on a game track that has been deleted.
    In fact, a little while ago I managed to get the ninth position in the Nadeo "Training - 05" map ranking. Immediately after obtaining it my position in the ranking disappeared, and going to check on the trackmania.io site I was told that the personal record had been deleted, and to contact support in case it was an error.

    You can find the offline replay here: https://trackmania.exchange/tracks/v...me=training-05 it's the one performed by yliaww of 00:10.491.

    Some images:

    Thanks in advance.

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    Thats interesting, the same happened with me, on the same map and with the same time before, even though i improved to .490 again, though my time is still removed

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    It's a problem with that map i think

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    Record removed from leaderboards

    Hello, a few days ago I pb'd on a map from training campaign, and it seems like my record got removed from the leaderboards for whatever reason. Since the first time i noticed it, I did pb and beat my time 3 times, all new records being considered as removed. I would like to know if there is a way to fix this, so I can finally appear again on the map rankings.
    NB it only happened on this specific map, other maps seem to work well for me.

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    Had the same problem a few days ago, just on a different Nadeo training map. [IMG][/IMG]
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    Hey guys,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

    Have you found this to happen with any other maps since?

    And if so, could you please confirm which maps these are?

    Thank you!

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    As of myself no, only Training 5 did that to me, but a friend has the same problem on it(CamionTM), as well as an other one on training 20(Ey0hna), and its been a few months now i think.

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    I had another thread open but i'll reply here to keep it all in the same category. I had the same problem on a different training map too, n 19. Record appears removed on tracmania.io, it doesn't appear on the in-game leaderboard and even if i get a new pb it gets removed again (it only happens on n19 specifically for me). [IMG][/IMG]

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    Hey everyone Thanks for being so thorough on your feedback for this issue - that's really very helpful!

    @Gyrule_ and @pickledave33 - I've got ahead and merged your thread into this one, apologies for any confusion caused.

    Just a couple of follow-up questions on this.

    • If you go back to that same map, and set another record (I recognise that this is perhaps a difficult request), does it also get removed?
    • On your trackmania.io records, does any of you see any other removed records?

    Once I have this information, I'll send it up the flagpole to our devs for investigation. Thanks for your help!
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    hi, well my first pb that got removed was .495, i saw it got removed, so i tried to beat it to see if it did anything, so i did .493, didnt work, .491 didnt work, .490 didnt work. And as of me its the only map it happened on

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