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    Map editor selection issues

    Here's a couple of issues I found with the way the map editor changed behaviour with regards to the selection of items.

    1) Since the latest updates the map editor has different behaviour when trying to select items within the bounds of bigger items. Which means in order to select/delete a smaller item you would first have to delete the bigger item - quite undesired behaviour...

    Here's a video I took to showcase the issue:

    In the video I'm trying to delete small items which are encapsulated within the bounds of a much bigger item. But when I click the delete button it deletes the bigger item first, with no ways to select the small item.

    Before the update I would be able to select the bounds of the small items without problems.

    2) Another issue I found is that you can now select items while in block mode, and blocks while in item mode. It would be great to be only able to select items while in item mode and only be able to select blocks while in block mode.
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    1) The issue you describe, being impossible to pick or delete a small item within the bounding box of a larger item, is a problem that has existed since the first release in July 2020 and was fixed a week ago. I cannot reproduce it with the current version of the game. Do you have this problem with all your items or with these 2 in particular? Maybe you could send me those items?

    2) This behaviour is intended: the idea is to avoid having to change mode manually (with F2/F3 or with the mode icons at the bottom) too often when you are editing both blocks and items in a part of your map. If you find some drawbacks in this behaviour I'm interested to get your feedback.

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    I cant speak for everyone with this, but a drawback of point 2 is that items are often smaller and placed in/near bigger blocks. It is now hard to delete an item on a block as you will often remove the block instead. this of course can also be an issue the other way around when blocks are placed in/near bigger items

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    Thanks for the response ManiaDuck. If you want I can send you the map + all items in private Discord htimh#4299

    I played around with it some more and it seems to be tied to a specific, large item which is encapsulating all these items. After removing the larger item, the small items are still encapsulated by another large item but it doesn't seem to cause the same issue then. That said, I also have a map which only lets me select items within an item when looking at them with the camera panned lower than the object itself. Very strange!

    As for the 2nd point I'd have to play around with it some more to give a preference. I suppose it does get you to the delete/select actions faster but you lose a bit of control over what you're selecting. And like SparklingW said it's a bit tedious to select smaller items, it was nice to have a 'filter'.

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    Im currently having issues with the update regarding this too. I am still possible to select the smaller items, however it is much more akward and time consuming. I'm not sure exactly what has changed but I found the old format much more workable.

    As for point 2 I also prefered the older system, it acts as an extra filter than helps work around the first problem. It also allows me to remove blocks quicker without worry of accidently removing the wrong item.

    It would be great if point 2 could be added as an option in the settings. I understand that it's easier to understand when you are new to the editor, but I feel most veterns would prefer the old version. For point 1 if it was possible to add a key to cycle through items the curser is hovering over that would be awesome, I appreicate this is probably not easily possible though.


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    Big thanks to SparklingW, htimh, and Proff10 for your responses on this - I've made sure to pass on your feedback