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    'Water' reflections leave weird artifacts in overhangs


    The latest update added water reflections, these look really cool from the low car angle, however once you start looking at them from a higher angle a lot of weird artifacts appear.

    In the above picture you can clearly see the weird artifacts underneath the overhangs. This happens on all overhangs, blocks and items.

    The new reflections also dont show reflections for something you cant see the actual block of:

    This block is the same as in the first picture, it is a corner piece. However since you cant see the back pole on top, it also does not show in the reflection. The same goes for the underside of the pole, which also is not visible in the reflection.

    I love the reflections so I would love for them to look even better and more realistic.

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    That's just how screen space reflections work; it can only reflect what data there is on screen.

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    Raytracing *cough* RTX *cough* not so hard to implement *cough* (at least Nvidia says "it just works")