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    Silent spade: Snafu daily challenge bug

    So, while attempting to complete solo daily challenge 3, I encountered a very strange bug. This bug allowed me to complete the challenge without failure ... unintentionally. Proof:
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    Replication steps:
    - Start operation silent spade: snafu
    - fast travel to Inca Camina Bravo
    - sync shot a few enemies
    - shoot some loud guns and allow the mission to go loud
    - leave the alarm so reinforcement keep coming
    - defeat 2-3 waves of reinforcements while slowly eliminating remaining opposition
    - destroy the alarm
    - there's still a couple of SB soldiers remaining, but no veterans or heavies
    - SB manager tries to run away
    - grab SB manager and use him as a human shield (can't use the pistol of course, as doing so would instantly break the challenge)
    - SB manager dies and shortly after the challenge is completed
    - Profit! Especially if this was done unintentionally, like in my case.

    Under normal circumstances, game shouldn't allow this to happen. Best case scenario, it would terminate because of:
    - a complete mission failure (1 or more critical mission objectives) or
    - target lost (abrupt ending due to unspecific external event, which usually means HVT wasn't marked before the mission went loud)
    Still, good to know it can be successfully completed without restarting the challenge after interrogating SB manager.

    Did this happen to anyone else?
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    Sorry, I've stopped doing that challenge quite some time ago.

    However when I was doing it, I never had the SB manager attempt to run away - he always went into a surrender state inside the boxcar should the rail yard portion go loud, with or without reinforcements.

    Interesting experience.
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    Same here, I don't even remember when was the last time I did it. Heck, I even get them confused is been that long.
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    Bonus: fast travel and/or redeployment also completes the mission (most likely a mission replay bug). Not sure if first playthrough or new(er) characters are affected, since I only tested it on my main.

    Gotta wonder if other missions (and challenges) are affected by this Lots of homework to do for science
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    Hey venomgun1,

    Thanks for reaching out about this.

    I've passed the information about this onto the team for further investigation.
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    Hey Ghosts,

    Thanks for raising this, it should now be fixed.

    Let us know if you are still seeing issues
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