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    New action key steering modifications reset / can't be enable during countdown

    In the latest update the "action slot" keybinds (default to 0,1,2,3,... on keyboard) correspond to 100%, 10%, 20%,... steering. The current behavior is that the steering angle resets to 100% after respawning / giving up (not sure if this is intended but not a major issue). However it is impossible to modify steering while in the countdown, this means you are always forced to start a map with 100% steering.

    I believe this change was introduced to rebalance digital vs analog inputs on things like boblseigh, however with the current implementation it fails to address the imbalance of digial vs analog starts where one wants to instantly turn at the start. If you full steer instantly at the start of a map you are slower than half steering.

    So to summarize: I believe it is a bug that you cannot modify the steering in the countdown at the start based on what I perceive this feature was introduced for.

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    Also to add to this, as I just checked, it also gets reset after respawning at a cp.

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    Hey Shaun252, thanks for posting about this - your comprehensive feedback is super helpful!

    Just to make sure I'm understanding correctly, the issue is that not being able to change your steering angle during countdown means you can only full steer at the start of the track, and this is a disadvantage over analogue users - is that correct? And the same can be said of restarting from a checkpoint, right?

    Since I'm relatively new to the game and keen to highlight this to our dev team, can you also explain more fully for me how this change may have been made to rebalance keyboard vs analogue?

    Thanks again for bringing this up. Looking forward to hearing from you again!