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    PS4/PS5 controllers not fully supported

    Cannot seem to bind the dpad to steer left/right. Currently resorting to using DS4Windows which is finicky as best.
    Also it seems that analog triggers such as LT/L2 and RT/R2 cannot be bound to button functionality, such as settings those to individual camera buttons. It would be really helpful for those functions to be properly supported as well.

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    Hey FireFox2m We do support the DualShock 4, so it's unusual you're not able to bind the D-pad and triggers.

    • Do you have it connected up with a wire, or using Bluetooth? If it's connected with Bluetooth, please try with a wire (for testing purposes) and see if binding works correctly.
    • Have you been able to bind these buttons with other games?
    • Can you also tell me which version of Windows you use?

    Thanks for your patience with these questions - I look forward to your response!

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    Connected up with wire.
    Yeah, no physical issues with the controller.
    Windows 8.1.

    Specifically I can't bind the dpad to Steer Left and Steer Right, though the dpad binds to other buttons. Triggers do seem to bind fine as well. Ideally I'd like to have the dpad and analog stick bound bound to steering inputs so that I can switch between the two based on the situation.

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    Dinput never were fully supported.
    TM2020 has still the same bad support as Maniaplanet(Stadium etc.) D-Pad doesn't work at all and the action buttons are shifted by one clockwise.

    Best choice you have is to emulate or bind kb keys to the D-Pad via programs like xpadder, joy2key, autohotkey, steam, just to name a few.

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    Thanks for your explanation on that, disguisedNeko - really appreciate it!

    the D-pad works just fine with the Xbox One gamepad. I've reached out to our devs for an update on this, and will report back as soon as I can