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    Originally Posted by prohjort Go to original post
    My experience so far

    game 1: joining bug -> restart -> clicked respawn > game crash
    game 2: joining bug -> restart -> game told me to hit retire to go to the next part of the map -> game crash
    game 3: clicked respawn -> game crashed.

    I'll wait for some hotfixes before I try again. Also please fix the joining bug, it's been there forever.

    However, everything else in the update looks amazing, and i can't wait to be able to play it!

    Could you please try using the 'verify files' option in the Ubisoft connect launcher?
    Does it fix your issue? If not, could you please specify your system specs and post a report on the support forums: https://forums.ubisoft.com/forumdisp...Player-Support ?

    Many thanks

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    I'll add that if your crash still persists and you have OpenPlanet, please make sure to update OpenPlanet and the plugins.

    I believe that there's a Checkpoint related plugin that makes the game crash on respawn if it's not updated.


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