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    Crash always

    Hello !

    My game crashes all the time trying to respawn or go into spectator mode after the new update, even when reinstalling my game.

    I do not know where it comes from.

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    Ubi-Alinoa's Avatar Super Moderator
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    I can't reproduce your issue. Where do you encounter this issue? Could you please try using the 'verify files' option in the ubisoft connect launcher?
    Could you please specify your system specs?

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    So, when I respawn in a map, I have a 1 in 2 chance of crashing. I used the 'verify files' option but it doesn't change anything.
    And my PC :
    -CPU : I5-6600K
    -RAM : 12Go
    -GPU : gtx 1060

    if you want, i have a 'logcrash' file.

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    I'm getting the same issue today, after some troubleshooting, it appears that the game crashes when you are playing/spectating with the "old style camera 3" (the one with 1st person view where you don't see the car at all)

    I couldn't join a game because my camera was already set to this, but a friend who was in cam 1 reproduced the issue 3 times in a row by just changing to cam 3 while driving. Hope it helps
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    crash on track editor trying to validate a map , crash on track of the day when itry to start a run (seems i am on the server and when i try to do a run it instantly crashes to desktop)#

    cpu 5800x
    gpu rtx 2070
    16gb 4000 cl16 ram
    crashes ocur since update today morning

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    Ubi-Alinoa's Avatar Super Moderator
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    We have just released an update. Could you please tell us if it fixes your issue?

    Many thanks

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    Same issue, game crash when i respawn with online

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    If you are using OpenPlanet, and are crashing on respawn, then update it.

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    Hi, sorry I couldn't test again before now, it is working again, thx for that quick fix!

    However, is there an option to disable that old/new cam3 switch ?
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