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    Battlepass bought on Steam, not activated through Uplay yet.

    Hello everyone,

    I bought the battlepass through Steam (name marauderw) once the maintenance was over, and in my DLC of For Honor the battlepass appears as activated but there is also another called Battlepass Year 4 Uplay Activation.

    That is also ticked, however, it seems Uplay didn't activate it even though I bought the pass.

    If anyone has a solution for this please let me know!

    Thank y'all!

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    Hey Aurora,

    You probably already have your problem fixed by now, but if not i hope this helps you or anyone who stumbles across this post.
    I've had the same issue, and i contacted Ubisoft support it was a really simple solution and i do not know why i did not think of it sooner.
    All i had to do was to close steam and uplay, and under properties set both programs to run as administrator.
    I opened both programs again, and it said it had added the battle pass. And sure enough it was working in-game as intended.
    Here is how you do it: https://support.ubisoft.com/en-GB/fa...strator-rights

    Hope it helped somebody out there,
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    Hi NidasHD,

    I really appreciate this, thank you! I also posted the fix on the steam forums so people can see it.

    Thank you so much for your help!

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    Ubi-Ginge's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Pleased you're both up and running
    Hopefully your post will help others with the same issue @NidasHD
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    I tried this but it isn't working for me

    I just bought y5s1 pass on steam and it didn't work so I tried this method of closing uplay and steam and starting them as admin, this didn't work so I restarted my pc and tried it again but to no succes... what can I do?
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    Battle Pass Issues

    Same, I'm having the same problem, I just bought the Y5S1 battle pass after maintenance
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    Ubi-Baron's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff EMEA
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    Hi Lothric.Knight,

    Thank you for contacting us, we're sorry to hear you've been having issues with the Season Pass.

    Just to confirm, you own both the game and the Season Pass on Steam?
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    Having same problem. Own pass and game.
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    I have the game and the pass on steam. And it's now working.
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    Yes both the Season Pass and the game
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