My idea for a new hero would be a Wu Lin vanguard called the Q Shng (Chinese for grandmaster). This idea was heavily influenced by Piandao from Avatar: The Last Airbender (

Key visuals:
>Fancy ornate armor.
>Most visuals would have minimal armor.
>Most visuals would depict him being middle aged (40-60), with a few depicting him a bit younger (30s).
>Would be gender-locked to male.
>In terms of height/size, hed be somewhere around heroes like the Zhanhu or Warden.

Jian (

>Unrivaled master swordsman.
>Elite warrior: when all else fails, he wont.
>Will swiftly and relentlessly cut down anyone who opposes him.
>Respectful of his opponents and never underestimates them.
>Lore: I came up with two ideas for a backstory, feel free to comment which one you think is better.
>Option 1: the Q Shng was summoned out of retirement by Gao Lei (the Wu Lin emperor) to join the fight and help turn the tide of the war.
>Option 2: during his travels, Holden Cross/Gryphon would have met and befriended the Q Shng, and now requests his help and asks him to join the Chimera alliance.
>Faction leader vibe.
>Very skilled and wise.
>The first thing you must learn is that your weapon is an extension of yourself. You must think of it as another part of your own body. - Piandao
>The sword is a simple tool, but in the hands of a master it becomes the most versatile of weapons. And just as the imagination is limitless, so too are the possibilities of the sword. - Piandao

Fighting style/moveset:
>Good stamina management.
>To get a better idea as to how he would fight, heres the fight between Piandao and Sokka:
>Would use the sword one-handed for light attacks, and two-handed for heavy attacks.
>At the 0:20 mark, Piandao pushes Sokka away, knocking him down. The Q Shng can have a move like this that knocks enemies to the ground (it would probably work similarly to the Tiandis kick or shove mechanic).
>Notice the way Piandao is running at the 1:31 mark. This would be the Q Shngs sprint animation.

Possible feat options:
The ones in bold are my top choices for each tier, but feel free to comment if you think another one would be better.
>Tier 1:
>Fast recovery: stamina regenerates faster (passive)
>Tireless: lose stamina at a lower rate (passive)
>Body count: Killing soldiers grants you health and stamina (passive)
>Iron lungs: you can still sprint when out of stamina (passive)
>Against all odds: nearby allies deal more damage the more enemies are around
>Tier 2:
>Inspire: allies deal more damage and soldiers fight faster
>Chilling stare: nearby enemies have lower attack and defense
>Thick skin: gain moderate damage reduction (passive)
>Winners advantage: gain a temporary buff after a successful attack (passive)
>Marked for death: reveal targets position and lower their stamina and defense
>Tier 3:
>Second wind: recover some of your health
>Slip through: dodging raises attack for a short duration (passive)
>Long bow: fire a long bow for moderate damage
>Takedown: throws make enemies fall to the ground
>Protected revive: your revive is uninterruptible and grants shields to allies (passive)
>Tier 4:
>Indomitable: gain a shield when at critical health (passive)
>Stalwart banner: nearby allies continuously regain health
>Morale booster: improve the attacks of nearby allies for a short duration
>Fire flask: throw a projectile creating a fire area of effect
>Arrow storm: aerial attack that deals medium damage in multiple areas

Custom feat idea:
>Unyielding: you gain increased damage resistance and unlimited stamina for a short time
>This would probably be a tier 2 or 3 feat.
>You would take 25% less damage.
>Would last for about 10-15s.

Possible perk options:
These are my top choices (with the one in bold being their default perk), but feel free to comment if you think another one would be better. Keep in mind that vanguards tend to have offensive and/or defensive perks, heavies and hybrids tend to have defensive and/or assist ones, and assassins tend to have offensive ones. However, there are some exceptions to this, such as the Tiandi, who has assist perks.
>Devourer: upon execution, heal an additional +10 health
>Shields up: when revived, receive a temporary +25 health shield
>Aegis: all shields received are increased by 20%
>Endurance: when gaining a renown level, receive 3% stamina cost reduction (max 4 gains)
>Survival instinct: when it critical health, gain 25% stamina cost reduction
>Head hunter: for each unique player/bot hero executed, increased max health +4 (max 4 increases)
>Fresh focus: when out of stamina, counter guardbreaks, blocks, and parries regenerate 20% stamina

Signature ideas:
>The Q Shng has his back to the viewer(s) and is holding his sword behind his back (similarly to

Execution ideas:
>The Q Shng lunges forward (with his sword pointed forward) and stabs his opponent in the chest (similarly to
>The enemy attempts to hit the Q Shng a few times, but he just keeps effortlessly dodging them. He then finds an opening, and stabs them in the face or chest.

Other info:
>Unlike the other Wu Lin heroes who yell after just about every attack (especially the Tiandi and Nuxia), the Q Shng is calm and collected, so he would be relatively silent.
>Would only speak when doing certain attacks.

Some images to help paint a picture:
It took me a while to find enough pictures that either 1) didnt completely resemble existing Wu Lin heroes, or 2) werent more on the fantasy side.

These first few are ideally what I would want him to look like, but theyre based off of people from different cultures, so there are some aspects of those cultures present on some of them: (This one is my favorite.) (This one has some Japanese elements.) (This one is more armored and has some Greek elements.) (This one has some Japanese elements.)

These next few are other appearances that could work: (This is one of my favorites, but it may be more Mongolian than Chinese). (This is one of my favorites.) (This is one of my favorites.) (An example of a Jian.)

For these last few images dont focus on the armor, focus on the pose; theses could work for some of his stances or emotes: