My idea for a new hero would be a Wu Lin assassin called the Lng (Chinese for dragon).

Key visuals:
>Would wear little to no armor.
>Most if not all of his visuals would have dragon insignias, patterns, tattoos, etc.
>Some visuals can have brim hats similar to the Zhanhus Dayi armor (
>Would be gender-locked to male.
>In terms of height/size, hed be somewhere around the Shinobi or Orochi.

Dual butterfly swords (

>Designed for killing other heroes.
>Would excel in 1v1 or 1v2 combat. Being able to (effectively/successfully) fight 3 or more opponents would depend on player skill.
>Master of Kung fu.
>Elite warrior: when all else fails, he wont.
>The general moveset would focus on traditional/actual kung fu, whereas some of the feats, emotes, executions, etc. would reflect the more exaggerated/exotic side of kung fu from movies and what not (ex: Kung Fu Panda).

Fighting style/moveset:
>Mix-up/melee specialist: uses martial arts.
>Attacks would be a fairly balanced mix of Kung fu attacks and strikes with his swords.
>Quick and agile.
>Fast attacks.
>Short range, but high mobility.
>Would rely heavily on dodge attacks and deflecting, and punishing his opponents after deflecting their attacks.
>Can have a sweep kick like Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat (spoiler warning: This would probably work similarly to the Hitokiris unblockable Rei sweep (heavy attack then hold guard-break), but with a faster output.
>Can have a double dodge like the Shinobi.
>Can have a double dodge kick like the Shinobi (double dodge then guard-break).
>Can maybe have a backflip like the Shinobi (light or heavy attack then dodge).
>For a sprint attack the Lng can do a flying kick to the enemys chest or head, knocking them down (similar to the first pic below).

Possible feat options:
The ones in bold are my top choices for each tier, but feel free to comment if you think another one would be better.
>Tier 1:
>Stealth: hide yourself from the HUD, radar, and aim assist
>Bounty hunter: gain health and stamina when you kill another hero (passive)
>Deadly: attacks deal more damage (passive)
>Fast recovery: stamina regenerates faster (passive)
>Tireless: lose stamina at a lower rate (passive)
>Iron lungs: you can still sprint when out of stamina (passive)
>Tier 2:
>Haymaker: punches, kicks, and throws now deal damage (passive)
>Blink: shift behind a locked enemy and perform a sun kick
>The animation would have to be slightly changed to fit this character since he doesnt use a staff.
>Thick skin: gain moderate damage reduction (passive)
>Winners advantage: gain a temporary buff after a successful attack (passive)
>Executioners respite: the base healing of executions are increased by 50% (passive)
>Tier 3:
>Nukekubi: gain stamina on successful attacks (passive)
>Sharpen blade: attacks inflict low damage over time
>Second wind: recover some of your health
>Slip through: dodging raises attack for a short duration (passive)
>Tier 4:
>Yama uba: gain health on successful attacks (passive)
>Fear itself: enemies around you have lower stamina regeneration and defenses
>Regenerate: regenerate your health when out of combat (passive)
>Blessed projection: shift to an ally

Custom feat idea(s):
>The Lng kicks his opponent several times similarly to
>This would probably be a tier 2 or 3 feat.
>Warriors spirit: periodically, automatically revive upon death with full revenge unless executed (passive)
>This feat would basically be an advanced version of the regular auto-revive feat.
>This would be a tier 4 feat.
>There would be a 2s buffer after death before the auto-revive happens.
>Would have 50% HP on revive (like being revived normally).
>The cooldown would be at least 180s.
>The icon for this feat could be the dragon part of the Wu Lins symbol (

Possible perk options:
These are my top choices (with the one in bold being their default perk), but feel free to comment if you think another one would be better. Keep in mind that vanguards tend to have offensive and/or defensive perks, heavies and hybrids tend to have defensive and/or assist ones, and assassins tend to have offensive ones. However, there are some exceptions to this, such as the Tiandi, who has assist perks.
>Remedy: upon hero kill, heal +10 health
>Devourer: upon execution, heal an additional +10 health
>Early reaper: upon spawn or when revived, first attack deals 30% more damage
>Endurance: when gaining a renown level, receive 3% stamina cost reduction (max 4 gains)
>Survival instinct: when it critical health, gain 25% stamina cost reduction
>Crush them: upon hero kill, your next attack deals 30% more damage
>Head hunter: for each unique player/bot hero executed, increased max health +4 (max 4 increases)

Signature ideas:
>The Lng strikes a battle stance, similarly to
>The Lng is sitting in a meditative position, similarly to

Execution ideas:
>The Lng finishes off his opponent by using a one-inch punch (or maybe a six-inch punch) (
>The Lng finishes off his opponent by mid-air kicking them in the face and/or chest several times, similarly to Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat (
>I forget the average number of kicks thats realistically possible to do before touching the ground, but I want to say its around 4-6 kicks.
>The Lng finishes off his opponent by crane kicking them in the face (
>The enemy begins to run away. The Lng throws his swords similarly to The swords then hit the enemy in the back and they fall to the ground dead. The Lng then runs up and retrieves his swords.
>And just for laughs, the wuxi finger hold ( The enemy attempts to hit the Lng, but he ends up grabbing their index finger. The Lng then raises his pinky finger and lowers it. There is then a bright flaps of light, and when the light fades, the enemy is gone.

Other info:
>Would have a lower health pool like the Shinobi.
>Unlike the other Wu Lin heroes who yell after just about every attack (especially the Tiandi and Nuxia), the Q Shng is calm and collected, so he would be relatively silent.
>Would only speak when doing certain attacks.

Some images to help paint a picture: