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    There is still an issue that Shades of Darkness cannot be unlocked.

    I entered a key in the in-game unlock content menu. I got a message saying it was unlocked, but the shades of darkness are still locked.

    I googled for a solution. It is exactly the same as the case below. I also already had the Heroes of Might & Magic 6 Gold Edition and bought Shades of Darkness today but couldn't unlock it.

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    I emailed the support team twice. But in the end, I only got a macro response telling me to wait 72 hours. This is how Ubisoft treats its customers and games. I am very disappointed and incomprehensible.
    Why do customers who have paid the price have to wait patiently? There is no guarantee that you will receive the missing dlc within 72 hours. Their response was, 'I don't know if it will be resolved in time either. If it doesn't work out, then tell me again." how funny this is
    I have to send the mail again and I don't know how many more steps thereafter. I strongly urge you to take this game off the store. So that there are no other victims.
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    No change after 72 hours. My dlc is gone and my time to send this mail is also gone. This is a waste of time.

    Your 72-hour procedure is meaningless. Everything should be handled automatically and completed quickly. This is not the 19th century. Human delivery of products is outdated. I hope that's not true.

    If you don't fix this fundamentally, you will continue to annoy your employees who have to deal with it. It will waste you and your customers' precious time and mental energy.

    Take the product out of the store or sell the dlc and the main game together. Change the way you unlock the dlc separately after purchase. If this is not changed, it will cause inconvenience, discomfort and waste of time for many people.

    I think Ubisoft has a very bad attitude towards games developed in the past. If this had been a newer title like Assassin's Creed Valhalla or Watch Dogs Legion, this would have been done more quickly.

    And I've attached a receipt that I obviously purchased the product before. I've also attached a screenshot of the Heroes of Might & Magic 6 base game in my library.

    It doesn't make sense to ask for a 'screenshot of what you have in the Ubisoft Connect library'. Because I sent this mail because I didn't receive the dlc.

    I'll say it again. This is a 'claim' because the DLC is not in-game where it should be.

    Whether payment errors or payment delays, the dlc do not exist in my game library or in-game. Because you didn't give it to me.

    Customers paid the right price and there is no reason to wait and suffer. If a restaurant staff asks you to wait for 72 hours without food, saying, 'I ask for your understanding', would you understand this?

    At least the dishes require ingredients and time to cook, but digital downloads should all be automatic. Approval is not done manually one by one by your employees.
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    The problem has been resolved.

    Ubisoft sent me a new key by email. As soon as I entered the new key, the Sotd DLC was unlocked.

    I still don't know why this is happening. Anyway, I'm glad the problem was resolved within 2 weeks.

    However, I am still skeptical of other users buying the Sotd DLC. Because I don't know if this is fundamentally solved or not.
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