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    [Suggestion] Future monumental empire tower warehouse, zeppelin harbor

    An Idea that might be considered. When I read about the monumental empire tower and looking at the high life dlc I got the feeling it was inspired by the empire state building. Which would be awesome, but that aside. In the past there were plans to actually add a docking station for zeppelins to the empire state building. With those actually being in the game and since the tourist season dlc interconnectivity is a thing. you know where I am heading with this. I think it would look awesome if zeppelins could dock at the tallest point in the city. As for functionality, with the restaurants now also needing warehouses in the city, I figured maybe the lower levels of such a monumental tower can function as a warehouse. This way the zeppelins docking would serve a function and restaurants, bars, world fair, (malls?), etc. would have their connection to a warehouse. Just an idea.
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    I like this idea.

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