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    I get low fps after 20 min playing!!!

    Sooo, i play ForHonor since yesterday and the game is running on my Laptop around 90 fps on medium settings but i have a other problem. After some time playing the game freezes and caps my game around 20-30 fps and i cant reach higher i have to restart the game when i want to have my normal fps back. And it gets more worse when i put my controller in then i have like 20 min to play normal and then i have 1-5 fps and im getting kicked. I dont know what it is but everytime after some time playing i get low fps. (i never had those kind of problems i thik it has something to do with for honor because rainbow runs fluently) I also tried every kind off vsync but nothing helped and there are no updates for my driver ._.

    Nvidia GTX 1650 intel Core-i5 10th Gen
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    Hey KrokodilGena187,

    I am sorry to hear that you're encountering issues playing For Honor. Laptops are not officially supported due to the parts being weaker than their traditional desktop counterparts.

    That being said, what you're encountering seems like it could be caused by another program running at the same time. Have you run through the steps in this FAQ?
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    Is your laptop getting hot?
    If so it sounds to me like your CPU might be thermal throttling.
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