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    question about the new reward system ubisoft+

    when I subscribe to ubisoft for 1 month and subscribe again manually do it still count as 2 months in the reward system or does it have to be in a row?
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    Hello Bytedotexe

    Welcome to the forums! Thanks for reaching out to us regarding the Ubisoft Plus rewards system.

    Your start tier is based on the number of subsequent months you have been using the subscription service.

    On your very first day in Ubisoft+, you will get one reward of your choice. Over time as a subscriber, you will progress through the four reward ranks -- Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum -- to get more rewards with each new rank. The number of subscribed months you already have will be counted to determine your rank.

    I hope this information helps! You can also find more details Here
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    Thank you, I also had that question and with this information I am clear about the rewards and the ranks. I thank you.
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