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    Ads not working - "connection error, please try again."

    it's been about 2 days since this issue persist - I've tried three different wi-fi's, mobile data. I've also cleared cache. The only ad that show is "Youholder" ad, but it's quite rare to get it. I've had exact same issue february 2019 https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthrea...try-again-quot

    A certain API released a new certification and some apps stopped working with older devices. Perhaps it's not even your issue as much as it is your client's (ad content creators) issue.

    I am using iPhone SE (2016).
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    I've just started having the same issue, I think. In the last couple of hours I have been totally unable to connect to server for any of the reward ads, whether it's for extra bar, lockers on loss, lockers on tie, extra locker, or the free bonus packs in Cartman's shop.

    iPhone 8+ running latest os (ios 14.6)
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    Meant to say problem persists whether i connect via cellular, wifi, or both, and restarting the client or phone doesn't fix it.
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    Update: finally solved the issue by deleting and reinstalling client app.
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    Spoke too soon. Game worked fine for an hour after reinstalling, and now ads for locker rewards already can't load again.
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