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    [Suggestion] New UI for fast teleporting between worlds

    Just like before with the new icon below:

    And afterwards, when you press the new world symbol (press again to hide everything)

    North = cold therefore the passage, south hot therefore Embesa, east = cape (space bar is cape also in the east), west = new world (space bar ..)
    (If the world map was clicked once, it is a permanent lock means after repeatedly opening the right-click menu, the teleporticons are also popped up) (After repeatedly clicking the world map, the lock is revised and everything is the same)

    OR so:

    = Permanently integrated (hold the lock at the top) and with a confirmation popup somewhere on the screen
    Possibly the new UI with more space than in the picture, so that you don't accidentally click on it if you just want to upgrade a building or just make the edge thicker, so that nothing happens if you accidentally click next to it.
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    You can use shortcuts - just click 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 on your keboard
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    well, I really wouldn't mind this implementation, even though I wouldn't use it as I disabled the left click menu (I use hotkeys for those things there)
    But I think the current keyboard hotkeys is a way faster method than what you suggested...

    You can even rebind the hotkeys to another key of your preference. I rebound mine to the F1 - F5 keys.
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