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    Season title discrepancy

    Season 6 is a rerun of season 3. The title revealed in the game news is "Concealed Agenda", but the in-game title is "Keener's Legacy".
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    Go to New York and the correct season will start.
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    Ubi-Redbeard's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Mar 2017
    Hey tigerjky,

    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    Did the advice from WimpMiester help?
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    Hello. The season title on the season menu does not match the intended title from Season 3 as described in the game news. Other than that the season menu seems to work as usual.
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    Thank you for the image! I am sorry that it is showing the incorrect name for you, were you able to head to New York to see if it shows the correct season name for you? Please let me know!
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    Yeah, going to NY does not fix the issue (for me), but apparently it's a known thing anyway:

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    Thanks for reporting this to us the_kettle.
    We've had reports that this is happening for PC players.
    This has been reported to the game team and is currently being investigated.
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    I also am getting the same thing about the title, and I am also not receiving the bonus rewards on the bottom per level.

    Season 6 bonus rewards are note being given.
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    Are we suppose to get the season pass rewards like the last season replay. Because I'm not getting those rewards either. Without them, the rewards are pretty worthless. So at this point I'm done with the season event. Time to move on to another game.
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    Season 1/5 pass was included in WONY for free, that was why you got the bonus track (bottom level) without having to go buy a season pass.

    Season 3/6 won't give you the bonus track rewards unless you buy the season 3 pass.
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