Basically for some, in my honest opinion, non sense reason, we are prohibited to assign other functions to the number keys, 1 through 0. They are locked to the ship groups which to me is absolutely wasted, as I never ever felt the need to use this function. This maybe usefull for deeply developed military scenarios with actual players, something that doesn't happen...

I would much rather use 1 to 5 keys things I use CONSTANTLY like:

Region switching.

The demolish/move/copy tools, along with the build warehouse and residence hotkeys.

saved camera positions.

open the Production statistics / storage statistics / fianancial/population statistics / items screens / trade route / diplomacy / world view...

Open up the islands storage / bring up the build menu / bring up the ship list menu

pause / increase / decrease game speed / pause/unpause production of slected building or all buildings of the same type

see, there are TONS of functions that are useful ALL the time but and the 1 - 0 keys not being useable has been a pain for a very long time....

thank you for reading.