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    [Suggestion] Anno 1800 Luxury focused DLC

    As we approach the release of the last DLC, I though why not drop some feedback on future DLCs, should Ubisoft want to continue supporting this game.

    I believe in previous anno, 1701 I think, there was a citizen tier that demanded "exotic" goods, which could only be obtained by trading.

    I feel this mechanic has potential to be expanded, given that so many regions are now present in game, and one way to do that could be linking the Alcohol-related goods, which are generally in the happiness category, to something which I can only name as "Denomination of Origin" mechanic. Think of specific islands produce certain types of crops that add different flavours to the spirits distilled there. Naturally, this could be expanded with trading/items/etc., as well as to other types of items (clothes? Chocolate?), but this could add yet another layer to your neverending quest of piling investors, which would now demand (randomly? Changing over time?) novel exquisite goods.

    Was ever anything resembling this considered?
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    Maybe this will (could) be part of the upcoming "Highlife" DLC? They talk of a sort of "super-tier", so maybe the need super luxuries?
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    Well, it certainly would fit right in.. maybe your right, though I believe they would have hinted it when they announced the DLC.
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