There´s something like a "Feature" I had wished for in the latest DLC, but i can´t see something like this so I just suggest it
If there is anything like this treat pls remove this.

If there is a System like this pls enlighten me

As far as I know, there is no "reward" for building Cosmetics or Ornaments. As long als Anno 1800 grew, this was a little unnecessary, from my point of view atleast and non the less difficult to implement.
But with the new Dlc Traveltime there is a Lore wise side to this. Some Tourist that´s on Vacation, isnt just visiting Cafés, Variette and all the other beautiful designed places we have. They like to go for a stroll trough a Park, a Pedestrian zone, the Carnival, a lovely little Market, down at night the harbor road and all those lovely places.
All those places in the City are possible in the Game with the released Cosmetic Dlc´s and base Ornaments, there´s a whole community part thats dedicated to building "beautiful citys" (myself included). As an Annoholic that trys to keep the balance between efficiency and beauty, I find my self conflicted. Should i build Ornaments, wich gain me nothing, or do i just build building and boost my economy.

So back to my suggestion:

A simple and small reward system for all those hours of decorating.
The idea is Simple, If the player places any Ornament in the radius of a connected Busstation, the player gains a fix amount of City attractiveness per Tile.
The amount doesnt need to be a whole bunch just a little reward for the work. For example, If we use this system and we gain 0,1 attractiveness per tile and we place a bus stop (neglected the Tiles for the station and the road) that got 750 tiles in total in it´s radius, we gain 75 attractiveness maximum. But those numbers should be decided by the Anno-Team.
I see a few things to be considerd upfront
-to prevent something like a "pay to win" mechanic, ervery Ornament should gain the same amount in attractiveness per tile. There shouldnt be a difference in an Ornament from the base game, Dlc or someone from a Cosmetic Dlc.
-another problem I see, different from the workway of a town hall or those other buildings, If we place a big Ornament, like the bassin, on the edge only the tiles inside the radius should gaining attractiveness and not the whole bassin. In wich way the systems cant be exploitet trough big Ornaments.

Hope to get some feedback and want to see what you think