Hey Anno Community,

Today we are looking for some experienced city builders who are not afraid of heights to join us in the constructions of the first skyscrapers as part of the The High Life Technical Test! Similar to what we did last year for Land of Lions, this Technical Test will over the course of a few weeks invite a number of Anno Union community members to play Season 3s last DLC early, and to help us find issues and problems.

Keep in mind that you will be playing new content in an early work-in-progress state (as The High Life is scheduled for late Summer 2021), so a certain tolerance for dealing with unfinished game elements, bugs and technical problems is highly recommended. Testers will have access to a closed forum where they can share their experiences and feedback with members of the Anno Dev Team, to ensure that we can deliver an amazing DLC and end to Season 3 (plus the associated free Game Update of course, which will also have many quality-of-life improvements players have been asking for).

Interested players can sign up for a chance to be part of the Technical Test by visiting this website.

Please be aware that due to the early state of the new content, the Technical Test will be under a strict NDA, and participants will not be allowed to share information, images or videos from the test outside the closed forum. We are currently planning to start the The High Life Technical Test in about one month you will receive more details if you have been selected.

See (some of you) soon on a skyscraper balcony!