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    Not able to access game progression in "Atlantis" DLC

    I purchased the "Fate of Atlantis" DLC yesterday. I played for couple hours in the Elysium location. Then I wanted to go to the base game so I went to the "portal" and selected "Greece" and was back in the base game and doing missions there. Next day, I wanted to access "Atlantis". But in my quest list, there was NO quest related to Atlantis. (In my inventory, I can still see the gear I picked up in Atlantis) . I fast-travelled to the "Gateway to Lost Atlantis" location on Thera island. But after reaching there, I don't see any way to go to Atlantis. If I go to the main menu , select "Fate of Atlantis: and then I select the "Legitimate Progression",I face the same issue. Is there something that I am missing? Or have I completely lost the game progression in Atlantis?
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    Hey brijester, thanks for reaching out and welcome to forums!

    First and foremost, can I just check whether you've been playing the main story at all or did you just jump straight into 'The Fate of Atlantis' DLC?

    For more information on how to access different story arcs in-game, have a look at the following article.
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    Hi Karl,

    Thanks for responding. Sorry for the late reply. Actually I got the solution , but from another forum. But , it's fine. I found two solutions.
    One, on the world map, pressing the Square button (on PS4) opens the portal, Then i can select "Elysium" and continue my story.
    Second, in Greece, after fast-travelling to "Gateway to Atlantis" location on Thera island, if I turn right, there is a doorway that I can interact it. Doing so, I can get to Elysium.

    To answer your question, I had finished the main questline (one involving the family) and also finished "Between two worlds" and "Heir of Memories" questlines. Then I purchased the "Fate of Atlantis" DLC on PS4 Playstore and had started playing for few hours and then I was having trouble getting to Elysium.

    Now, I just finished Episode 1.
    And sadly, I am not able to start episode 2. Anyway, I will post a separate question/thread for that. I think that would be better.

    Thanks again.
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