Hi folks,
i installed Splinter Cell 1 yesterday and started to play the first mission "police station". As usual the mission infos appear on a black bar for some seconds and than disappear again. Like "go there and do this" or "reach the informant", for example. But now these mission infos, this black bar, does not go away and is constantly on the screen. And this black bar is long and horizontal and ugly. I looked up youtube videos of lets plays but there, these mission infos disappear short after the appear so you can be immersed in the game, but not me, i have this ugla black bar with the mission infos all the time. Any suggestions what could cause this?

I reinstalled the game with no effect. I tried different resolutions, no effect. Vsync off, no effect. First i thought it was a problem of the widescreen fix i used, but i tried without the fix only with vanilla version, no effect. i reinstalled the game from the ubisoft launcher 3 times, without any additional fixes, no effect.

please help!