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    Custom music?


    Is it possible to add custom music to your maps? Like a mp3 file for example?
    I'm afraid not but who knows...
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    jcoffeycup73's Avatar Member
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    No, not that I know of. I'm sure Steve64b can explain it better than me, but as I understand it, when you create a map you are basically generating an XML file which tells the game which assets to use and how to position them. There's no images, sounds, objects etc in the file you generate.

    If you grab Steve's Editor Mod it does make a lot more Soundtracks, SFX and other ambient noises available that you can't access normally.

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    Steve64b's Avatar Senior Member
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    You're correct jcoffeycup73!

    Technically, the engine should be able to load additional resource files from the mapfile. That was the case for Far cry 4 anyway.

    I can only do so much with my editormod, it's rather frustrating that I can't add additional resources to mapfiles. But then again, even if I could, there's still the mapfile upload filesize limit to take into account.
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