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    Australia dlc?

    I've thought for a while that another colony in the 1800's was that in botany bay. A dlc around reformation of criminals escorted maybe in quest style through work with Eli blake. First stage is setting up colony for criminals as Eli bringing across or better use for police stations On old world islands. could start in the worker stage when police stations unlocked . As time goes on criminals get reformed and emphasis shifts on cultural development with citizens culminating in an opera house monument. could be music or art development similar to scholars. Criminals extract minerals or jewels from mines that can be used in the old world. Could also be main islands dessert and limited food but spice islands very small needing labour. Local aboriginal trader.

    Don't know if this has been suggested but could be some really cool mechanics.

    Two tiers: convicts and citizens
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    Sounds fun. Think of the zoo animals. Could introduce Merino Wool as a farm good as well.

    For players who build police stations instead of providing happiness needs, such a DLC could be a big boost to that play-style.
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