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    No audio

    I'm on pc and every time watchdog loads up it's fine but as soon as I touch my controller no audio I updated all sounds drivers restarted the pc checked all the input and the output still does not work the only mnk works.
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    Hey lookintomyeyes8, sorry we hadn't got back to you sooner on this - I've moved your post to our Player Support section for greater visibility now, and I'll be happy to advise you.

    So, you don't get any audio if you play with a gamepad, but the audio is fine with mouse and keyboard? That is most unusual! It sounds like your gamepad might be somehow trying to change the sound output. Some gamepads are able to output sound, such as the DualShock 4, for example, so this might be confusing Windows and/or the game.

    Please start up the game, use your gamepad so the audio stops, and then window out to your desktop, and right-click your sound icon in the system tray (at the bottom right, next to the clock). Choose 'Sounds,' and go to the 'Playback' tab. Do you see any sound outputs there you don't recognise? If so, disable them, and then restart the game and see if the problem is resolved.

    Let me know if that works. If not, I've got some other ideas that might help
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