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    Originally Posted by UbiSushiVamp Go to original post
    Thank you for that information, xlastovi. I am sorry that you are still not receiving the notification emails! I recommend for you to try to change your email address to see if afterwards you receive the emails or if they are still not coming through. Thank you!
    I have changed my Ubisoft's email address to a different address at a different hosting.
    So it means that the problem is not at Google's side (my primary email).
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    What the ****!
    I lost my reply due to your server error...
    PLEASE make sure your websites work with Firefox. I am not going to change... (Windows 7)
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    Hi again, xlastovi. I can see your earlier reply, so I'm not sure why it's not showing up for you. There have been similar reports of these forums email notifications not always working, and it has been looked into. Just to mention, we are moving to a new platform for all our forums, and this issue should no longer happen at that point. This General forum should be fully moved over to the new platform today and tomorrow. I apologize for any frustration caused so far by the old forum system!
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