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    Originally Posted by UBI-Zuzu Go to original post
    This latest update has introduced some backend changes to improve server stability. More Title Updates tackling other issues are coming in the future, so worry not, the dev team will into the issues you reported.
    This future u re saying, it is for me or my grandchildren? Kkkkkk we re having the same issues since release and we already downloaded hundreds of Gb just for this game. Shame.
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    I think its time to make some changes to the daily and weekly challenges. Its time to remove the terminology in co-op and in co-op missions from the challenges or make it broader.

    Like this: Takedown an Albion Captain from stealth in co-op is too specific and by time you get to a Captain in co-op, stealth is not an option, so the chances of that happening are low especially with the lower spawn rate of them while the Clan Kelley ones were very broad.

    If they wouldve broaden it to Takedown Albion from stealth regarded if its co-op or not its a much more attainable task perform.
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