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    Anno 2205 in GeForce Now Cloud Gaming

    Hey, could someone explain me why in my region (Poland) I cannot play Anno 2205 in GeForce Now? It is available in some countries(I guess it is US, Canada and Russia) and others are not (eg. Poland). I have bought the game becouse it is on game list that are available in GFN, and when I tried to play it I could not. In support center of Nvidia support center they said I should ask some in Ubisoft.. Do not understand.
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    Ubi-Thrupney's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Mar 2021
    Hi HeniasMacias, thanks for your post about this - that sounds most frustrating!

    This is not an issue I'm familiar with, so I'll be looking to reach out to another team to investigate further. Can you tell me what happens when you try to run the game? Is there any sort of error message? Or is it simply not in the list of games you can launch? My apologies, I'm unfamiliar with what Geforce Now says when you try to run a game that it doesn't support for whatever reason, so any sort of description or screenshots you can provide would be very useful!

    Thanks for your help and patience - we'll get to the bottom of this for you shortly
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    Same Problem...

    Today i bought Anno 2205 because it is in Geforce Now Game List on there website.
    But when i type Anno in the GeForce Now App it just lists Anno 2070 and 1800.
    That's bad because i wanted to play it on an older computer which doesnt match the system requirements.
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    Ubi-WheelyDuck's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hey guys,

    For the issue you have described we will need to take a look at your accounts with you directly so we can discuss your accounts and the game specifically.

    You can contact us directly via the support website and via our Facebook and Twitter social media platforms.

    Any trouble just let us know.
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