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    Ubisoft at this point it really looks like you've bitten off more than you can chew

    Ubisoft, I've been waiting patiently ever since this game was announced back in 2017. The artwork on this game looked beautiful in 2018. I was glad when you said the first time that the game had been rebooted because I was interested in more than a tactical naval game( I'm not interested in world of warships with pirate ships only). I liked the naval battles significantly, but hoped more would be incorporated into it so that it could have a bit more adventure to it. Loved that there would be the Myths and legends of the ocean in it. You have to understand though, we know this is supposedly going to be an AAAA game, but after so many delays now that we'll be lucky to see it in 2023 and articles now written that the game was again rebooted a few months back- this looks like a bad joke at the company. I'd love to see this game come out, but at this point I'm really doubting you can do it. It's like a money pit that is really starting to look like a waste of time also. I guess your trying to please a lot of people. Please remember though when you read these threads- Too many cooks spoil the soup. I've played some Sea of Thieves already and one thing I really hate is 1st person perspective in games when you have to move a character around. I've read when playing on the ship it will now be 1st person perspective. Please don't do this when the individual character has to move around - it's so much harder and unenjoyable to spend so much time darting the camera back and forth to see what's going on around you. Really Ubisoft, my excitement for this game is almost dead at this point- Oh, and I guess we won't be seeing any gameplay at E3 now in 2021 will we? Really is any progress being made on this game- It's like the boy that cried wolf one too many times.
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    Agreed, the delays are pissing me off. I just want a straight answer or a alpha to show us what they have done. Just show us how much the ship combat has evolved- hopefully for better. Then tell us your working on the land /malee gun combat. Then we will wait. But we need to see something
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    We are close to 12 of June and the E3 end in the 15 of June they promissed us to shows us something in 2021 let's hope that even that don't get deleyed
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    i apologize for my English , Today will be Live conference of Ubisoft on E3, for me ( (but i think i can say for all people that love games and overall world of pirates and ship sailing alike) if Ubi do not present any teaser ,infoamtion even small glimpse of concept arts ,even statement of current game progress, i will loose any respect that i and plenty of people out there for Ubisoft,, maybe its Harsh words but level of ignorance,disrespect for customers that we are,,do not see in other gaming companies, We can understand what happen in recent year in world ( covid lockdowns and so on) but it give Ubi no right to not nforming players of current game progress,not giving any concept arts,,developer blog or so.

    I still have small hope that we see something about skull and bones on today's E3-since this is game that we are waiting for i years ,both fans of pirates/ship combat ,and also playes tha looking for something fresh in game industry
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    well again no update from that ****hole singapore company about skull and bones, they might as well **** off and give the game to a different branch of the UBIsoft company so that it can be released before the year 2100
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