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    Thank you for highlighting that for us, anidais, we're glad to hear that worked for you.
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    I'm adding to this thread since my freeze/crash problems appear similar to other posts here. Before some background. I'll ask a key question:

    Where do I find the cache folder that posters' recommend cleaning?

    In my setup, there is no cache folder where other's have recommended looking. The only one I can find is a subfolder under the "Ubisoft Game Launcher" (E:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher). (Disk E: is my dedicated SSD for games)

    If that cache is the correct one, what should be cleaned out?

    A bit of background:
    My hardware is moderately powerful, lots of memory, dual video cards (AMD), water cooled. Win10 system, updated drivers, etc., etc.

    Apparent solution:
    My freeze/crash problems all occurred using Radeon 21.5.2
    When I reverted to Radeon 20.11.3, the problems disappeared

    Additional notes
    Prior to rolling back the Radeon driver, I tried every suggested fix (multiple times) including uninstalling Origins (3 times) then redownloading,
    detuning Origins, plus many, many other "fixes". None worked. I tried to revert to Radeon 21.2.3 but ran into other unrelated issues. For those reading this, it might be worth trying 21.2.3.

    I'm hoping a Ubisoft person will jangle AMD's bells. I will also report to AMD, however Ubi carries a lot more weight.
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    Confirm Radeon 21.2.3 fixes crashing issues

    Reverted from 21.6.2 to 21.2.3 and frequent crashes are gone.

    Gigabyte B550 Gaming X, Ryzen 5 3600, 8GB RAM, RX590 Fatboy, NVME stripe for OS and data.

    This thread was right on time...

    Thank you!
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