Update July 1st: The new chat service should now be available in the overlay to all players! You may need to restart the client to access the feature. We also applied a hotfix for an issue discovered during the initial rollout:

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where non-friends will appear in the chat window and trigger an unread message notification.

Update June 30th: We're continuing the roll out of the new chat service to the overlay and will have a further update once it's complete!

Update: We're pleased to share with you the new chat service deployment plan!

  • June 21st - The new chat service will be deployed to the desktop app through a patch.
  • June 28th - Overlay chat will be rolled out to around 10% of players.
  • June 29th - Overlay chat will be rolled out to around 50% of players.
  • June 30th - Overlay chat will be rolled out to 100% of players.

Update June 1st, 2021:We’ve decided to postpone the release of the new chat service in today’s desktop app update. We’re aiming to release it in a few weeks alongside the PC chat overlay that remains the same as initially planned. We will share more news as soon as we can.

Since launch, we’ve been working towards delivering one global ecosystem across all platforms. As part of this, we made the tough decision to remove chat from the PC overlay as we went back to the drawing board to revamp the service from the ground up in order to align with the rest of the Ubisoft Connect experience. We're happy to announce that a new chat service will be available in the desktop app and PC overlay in the coming weeks.

Along with a more stable, reliable, and faster service, one of our key goals is to provide you with safe and friendly environment so you can connect with other players. If you have an unfortunate encounter with someone you no longer wish to communicate with you can of course block another user from directly within the chat. If you would like us to further investigate someone, please head over to this support page to file a report.

Chat logs are a key bit of information that can aid us in investigations, however this doesn’t mean they should exist forever. These logs are never decrypted unless it requires further investigation and in addition to that, moving forward we will only be storing that chat data for 3 months.

Moving over to the entirely new chat service does bring a few additional things we want to make sure you’re aware of. We’ll be starting things off with a mostly clean slate which means that all active 1-1 chats and chat history within them will no longer be available. So if you have friends that like changing their user names and rely on chat history to identify them, make sure you assign a handy nickname in the desktop app so you remember who they are!

Group chats will continue to be supported with the new chat service, allowing you to create a permanent chat group of multiple players. With the changes, there are also a few important things to note about groups. To ensure that we can maintain the best experience, group chats will be limited to 24 members going forward. That means any group before the update that has more than 24 members will be removed. However, any existing groups with less than 24 players that has been active within the last 30 days will remain the same along with any messages sent or received within that 30 day time period.

The new chat service will be deployed to the desktop app through a patch on Tuesday June 1st, which is when the above changes will take effect. The chat in the overlay will be made available in the coming weeks, rolling out over the course of a few days to ensure it is delivered in the smoothest way possible. We’ll share a rollout plan for the deployment and key dates for it soon, so stay tuned to learn more!

We're super happy to bring this first deployment of the chat system to you and plan to develop it further as the system is built in a modular form allowing for easier future expansion. We hope to follow up on this initial release with an update that will bring back the ability to invite friends directly through chat, rather than using the friends list. Beyond this, the new system will enable us to quickly implement new quality of life features, additional anti-toxicity measures, and make it easier to implement on additional platforms beyond PC in the future.

As always, we’re keen to hear your feedback so if you have something to share with us don't hesitate to do so!